Jolly Fishermen - CPM 019 " A Session With The Jolly Fishermen "

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Few musicians can go into a recording studio and come through with "takes" on almost every first try. The Jolly Fishermen did! If you are looking for some good old time music to listen to- you just found it - polkas and waltzes played by the Jolly Fishermen in their very distinctive style. This is the fourth album by the Jolly Fishermen, but their first to be recorded at the new Tetrasonic recording Studios in St. Cloud, Minnesota. you can take it from me, it's truly a great recording and one you'll enjoy for years to come.

Now let's meet the Jolly Fishermen, starting with the leader, Joyce Smieja of rural Royalton. Joyce plays the accordian, piano and trumpet equally well as you will hear on this album. The trumpets you will hear are Joyce playing both the first and second part harmony. This is made possible by the electronic miracle of over-dubbing. Besides her musical interests, Joyce lives on a farm with her husband Benny and their family.

Also on the accordian and paiano is Florance Magnan who is a houswife in Little Falls. Joyce and Flo switch off on the accordians and piano and occasionally play accordian duets. When you listen to the album you'll hear Flo let out with some "cat calls" now and then.

Playing the guitar and doing the vocals is Jeanette Mayers who is a housewife from Melrose. Jeanette also does the country singing for the band when they play at the many ballrooms in Central Minnesota.

Gordy Austin of Pierz keeps the band together with his excellent drum beat that stands out on this album. Gordy is employed by Landy Packing Company in St. Cloud.

Finally, there's a big man who plays a big tuba so critical to old-time music. Terry Thelen handles that job. Terry comes from a musical family in Albany and is employed y Gretsch Cheverolet in Albany as a book keeper and part time mechanic.

The Jolly Fishermen invite you to come out to a dance when they play in one of your favorite dance halls. You will enjoy the dancing music of this popular old-time band, The Jolly Fishermen.

The Jolly Fishermen A Session With The Jolly Fishermen

  1. Auntie's Waltz
  2. Redhead Polka
  3. Bue-Eyed Dolly Waltz
  4. Du Du Ligest Mir Im Herzen Waltz
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    Farmer's Polka
  6. Midnight Waltz
  7. North South East West Polka
  8. Innocence Waltz
  9. Beer Barrel Polka
  10. Green Meadow Waltz
  11. Homecomin Waltz
  12. Seven Days Without You Polka
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    We Love Everybody Waltz
  14. Old Lady Polka

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