Deutschmeisters And Friends

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In the mid 70's, Tony and Betty Wolf came up with the idea of making a recording featuring some of their music students playing their concertinas. It was an opportunity for most of us to gain some recording experience that likely would not ever happen for us on our own.

Deutschmeisters and Friends is a compilation of various concertina solos played by students accompanied by Betty on the piano and various Deutschmeister musicians on drums, as well as some great original selections from earlier recordings by Tina and Betty Wolf and the Deutschmeisters Orchestra. Deutschmeisters and Friends was originally released on vinyl L.P. in the mid 70's. It is one of the later of 19 recordings released by the Deutschmeisters.

Tony passed away in 1980. On Semptember 26, 1988 Betty married John Buermann an accomplished concertina player in his own right. Together they reside in the Cold Spring, Minnesota area. At 85 years of age, Betty hasn't lost a beat as she continues to enjoy playing her piano to John's concertina solos.

On behalf of fellow musicians, both living and deceased, I'd like to say "Thank You" to Tony and Betty and the entire Deutschmeisters Family for the opportunity to be part of this great recording, "Deutschmeisters and Friends".

We hope you enjoy listening to this recording as much as we enjoyed making it.

Deutschmeisters and Friends

Disk 1

  1. Quentin's Theme
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    In the Concertina Mood
  3. Take Me B ack To Eden Valley
  4. Hangover Waltz
  5. Silver Bells Polka
  6. St. Paul Waltz
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    You Are My Sunshine (Polka)
  8. Westphalia Waltz
  9. Tanta Anna
  10. Jenny Lind Polka
  11. Gussie's Polka
  12. Blue Eyes
  13. Champagne Polka
  14. Elsie's Laendler
  15. Little Jumping Jack Polka
  16. Balen Karlstad Schottische
  17. North, South, East, West polka
  18. Minneapolis Polka
  19. Chicago Waltz
  20. Guido Polka

Disk 2

  1. Lucille
  2. Let the Sun Shine In
  3. Beer Barrel Polka
  4. Playmore Waltz
  5. Golden Star Polka
  6. Dorf Waltz
  7. Lindenau Polka
  8. St. Louis Polka
  9. Lappland Polka
  10. Cotton Fields
  11. Holly's Waltz
  12. Angeline Be Mine (Polka)
  13. Grasshopper Polka
  14. In the Jam Polka
  15. Eddie's Waltz (Concertina Duet)
  16. Clarinet Polka
  17. Styrman's Waltz
  18. Flute O'Phone Polka
  19. Al's Laendler
  20. Schneider Polka

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