Wolf's Concertina Course

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If you have ever wanted to learn how to play the concertina, here is your opportunity.

Wolf’s Concertina Course book is one of the easiest instructional books available. It has been a staple of concertina learning since 1957.

The best news is that Wolf’s Concertina Course book is only $25.00!

Even if you have never picked up a concertina, this course book is for you. It provides a simple approach to learning with instruction broken into easily digestible pieces that walk you through all of the following:

  • An Introduction to Music
  • Notes, Rests and Repeating Signs
  • An Introduction to the Concertina
  • Correct Fingers
  • How to Play a Scale
  • Playing to Keys Together
  • Left Hand Alone
  • The Time Signs
  • Left Hand In - 3/4 Time
  • Left Hand In - 2/4 Time
  • Both Hands Together - 3/4 Time
  • Both Hands Together - 2/4 Time
  • How to Play a Rest
  • How to Play a Whole Note
  • Half and Quarter Notes
  • Quarter and Eight Notes - 3/4 Time
  • Quarter and Eight Notes - 2/4 Time
  • Sixteenth and Eight Notes
  • Dotted Note - 3/4 Time
  • Dotrted Note - 2/4 Time
  • The Slur or Tie
  • The Grace Note

The course book also contains an abundance of songs and exercises that take you on a journey from the most simple to learning right and left hand chording.

This 48 page course book is a winner for anyone who may want to learn the concertina.

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