Deutschmeisters The Final Studio Recording

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Betty Wolf and The Deutschmeisters featuring John Buermann on the concertina was originally released on cassette only. The original title of this album was "concertina Repertoire Of John Buermann".

It was the last studio recording by The Duetschmeisters. In March of 2008 Betty chose this album to be the next in the Dueutchmeisters collection to be re-issued on CD.

This very nice recording capped off a tremendous career for Betty Wolf and the entire Deutschmeister Family. Concertina Repertoire of John Buermann was recorded sometime in the 1990's after John Buermann became a regular with the Deutschmeisters Band. john and his first wife Lorraine were long time friends of Betty and Tony Wolf. Lorraine passed away in 1974 and Tony passed away in 1980. After Tony's death various concertina players filled in with the band until Betty finally asked John to play concertina for the Deutschmeisters. It was a natural fit. John, a very good concertina player, had at last fulfilled his long time dream of playing concertina with a "big band".

John and Betty were married in September of 1988. They lived together hapily playing numerous dance jobs right up until the time of Betty's death on May 23rd of 2008.

The Deutschmeisters maintained a level of excellence in music over their fifty plus years of performing and recording and this final studio recording is a great example.

Now slip into your dancing shoes or just sit back and enjoy the vim and vigor of Betty Wolf and the Deutschmeisters featuring John Buermann's great concertina work on "Concertina Repetoire Of John Buermann" accompanied by Mary Lou "Wolf" Reischl, Lisa "Wolf" Stock and of core Betty "Wolf" Buermann.

Deutschmeisters Final Studio Recording

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    Happy Wanderer
  2. Simple Melody
  3. Whispering Hope
  4. Barbara Polka
  5. Austrian Waltz
  6. Circle Schottische
  7. New Ulm Polka
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    Schnee Walzer
  9. Liechtensteiner Polka
  10. Yo Ho Mazurka
  11. Paper Roses/Ramblin Rose
  12. Kaputzer Polka
  13. Holly's Waltz
  14. Waltzing On The Rhine

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