The Minnesota Dutchmen

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Liner notes from original vinyl LP

I am happy and pleased to present to you the Minnesota Dutchmen Orchestra from St. Joseph, Minnesota and their first album of Polkas and Waltzes for your pleasure. The band was organized in 1961 by Jerry Notsch and Don Vouk as a two piece band and as time went on they added new members until they reached the present six piece band they are today. The band enjoys a comfortable schedule of ballroom and club bookings in and around Central Minnesots.

Jerry Notsch, the leader of the band, finds time from his farm work to play the drums and do the booking for the band. Jerry hails from St. Joseph. Don is also a farmer who enjoys playing the concertina as you will be able to tell by listening to him on the record.

On Sax is Lawrence Sobiech, who farms near Swanville. Lawrence also doubles on Clarinet.

Also playing Sax and Clarinet is Don Anderson from St. Cloud. Don is retired from the U.S. Air Force where he played with the Air Force Academy Band.

Putting in the old time Ooompah sound is Charles Torborg on the big bass. Charlie works for a granite company in Cold Spring.

And last but not least is Jerry Schindler on the Electric Guitar. Jerry also does the vocal chores on the Country Western when they play for dances. Jerry comes from the town of St. Wendell and works on construction.

Now that you have met the guys lets put the record on the turntable and give a listen. I'm sure you will want to get up and dance along... Go right ahead, that is why they made this album for you... To listen to, dance to and enjoy. The Minnesota Dutchmen hope you will enjoy this album as much as they enjoyed making it, just for you.

Jerrry Notsch and The Minnesota Dutchmen

  1. Dog House Polka
  2. Owl Waltz
  3. Helena Polka
  4. Swiss Boy Waltz
  5. Ellen Polka
  6. Swedish Waltz
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    Red Wine Polka
  8. Isabella Waltz
  9. Sweet Violet Waltz
  10. Goosetown Polka
  11. Sueters Waltz
  12. Lindinau Polka
  13. Don's Mazurka
  14. Gary's Polka
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    Little Fishermens Waltz
  16. Katrina Polka

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