Deutschmeisters A Good Night

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This impromptu, live recording of Betty Wolf & The Deutschmeisters is an uncovered treasure.

Capured on a common audio cassette recorder with a single microphone, it is a testimonial to the great musicianship everyone came to enjoy from a typical appearence by Betty Wolf and the Deutschmeisters. The date and location of this performance is undocumented but it is believed to have been recorded in the mid 1990's at Al's Tavern in Roscoe, MN.

On the recording you can hear Betty, in her always enthusiastic voice call out "bingo" which was her cue to alert dancers to change partners, a sort of mixers dance. "The Goodnight Waltz Medley" was how the Deutschmeisters would always try to end the dance. You can hear John announce the end of the dance and Betty in her soft voice say "Goodnite".

This live recording is one last chance to relive these enjoyale and memorable professional performances which were the tradition of Betty Wolf and the Deutschmeisters. An institution that started in the 1950's and lasted right up to the death of Betty on May 23, 2008.

Deutschmeisters A Good Night

  1. Born To Lose
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    I Wa Born In Eden Valley
  3. In The Mood
  4. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
  5. Small, Small World
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    E.I.O. Polka
  7. Suitors Waltz
  8. Blue Skirt Waltz
  9. Tell Me Whose Girl Are You Waltz
  10. Fraud Eich Das Leben Butterfly
  11. Seven Lonely Days
  12. Christmas Toy Polka
  13. Minniapolis Polka
  14. My Darling Waltz
  15. Oriole Waltz
  16. Goodnight Waltz Medley

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